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gayfetishgoth Name: gayfetishgoth
Gender: male (he / him / his)
Orientation: homoflexible
Position: dominant/top
Sexuality: fetish hedonist
Location: Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
Height: 2m / 6'
Weight: 81 kilos / 13 stone / 170 lbs
Eyes: blue
Hair: brown
Religion: none / atheist
Language: english, francais, deutsche, 日本語, gaelach
About Me:

I'm a working professional, who likes to paint, sculpt, write, and photograph. i am relatively introverted, quiet until you get to know me. A homebody (i'd rather spend a friday night at home with a loved one than go out), a bitch, i like my personal space, but get upset if my loved one is too far away. i'm cynical, and loathe drama. i feel that life is what you make of it, but one should always be aware of those around you. i think someone should throw some chlorine in the gene pool... little things make me happy, like email from strangers, and strangers with candy. i enjoy good conversation, and a perverted mind.

Likes: latex, leather, vinyl, (anything black, tight and shiny) goths, punks, skinheads, freaks, pierced guys, tattooed guys, long haired guys... essentially anyone who is not afraid to be an individual, or to be true to themselves...   I'm pretty open minded and flexible when it comes to fetishes. I am fascinated to understand the workings of the psychology behind fetishes, and enjoy conversations about why people like the fetishes they like. Odds are, if you are truly into something, I will get off on the knowledge that you are getting off on it.

Faith and the Muse, Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Rufus Wainwright, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Clan of Xymox, M63, Portishead, j80's new wave, Erasure, Berlin, Concrete Blond, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Dead Can Dance, Soft Cell, Enigma, VNV Nation, Skinny Puppy, Enya, They Might Be Giants, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Violent Femmes, Switchblade Symphony, The Smiths, Placebo, David Bowie, Morrissey, Tears for Fears, The Pouges, New Order, Wolfshiem, Human League, Deathcab for Cutie, Duran Duran, Siouxie and the Banshees, Glen Miller, Joy Divison, Mono, Death in June, Ella Fitzgerald, The Echoing Green, Love Spirals Downward, Nine Inch Nails, Crandberries, Billie ecletic mix which varies with my mood... Opera to Trip-Hop; Broadway to Glam Rock

Sexual Interests: types: alternative androgyne biker bishonen bohemian boi borg bosozoku bull chav charver crustie cyber dark deviants eccentric emo freak fiend geared geek glam goth grebo hardcore hippie indie industrial jani jock kinky lad lanky longhair mansonite masochists miscreant mod morbid nerd pervert pigs prep pretty punk radgie raunchy raver rivethead rocker scally scene screamo skin sk8tr skater skinhead sleaze sporty stoner surfer thug trash tribal twink underground vampire waif yob zoku (of all races)
tactile fetishes: armor / armour chainmail flesh fur gummi hairless kevlar latex leather leder lycra metal morph neoprene nitrile plastic PVC rubber silicone shaved skin slick smooth spandex steel swat tight vinyl waxed zentai

misc gear fetishes:
alpinestars armour armor ball-gags belts biker bmx boots buckles cages chaps chestguards chains codpieces collars contacts-(sfx) corsets cuffs dainese dildo docs down fox gags gasmasks gloves goggles guards handcuffs harnesses helmets hoods jackets jocks machines masks mascot motocross MX muzzle padding pads plugs rebreather respirators ropes shockcollar sheathes singlets slings sneakers speculum speedo straps swat tape underarmour wetsuits wraps misc
kinks: bodmod bukkake cum dredlocks eyeliner feet foreskin ink intense-eyes longhair modification mohawk muscle odor pierced piercing scent septums shaved smell sweat tattoos uncut unusual-hair-styles
activities: asphyxiation BD biting bondage bondage breath captivity caressing control CBT chastity cuddling dehumanisation denial deprivation discipline dog edging electro enclosure feeding fingering flogging forced-breath fucking humiliation icing / iceplay kissing licking milking mummification nipple-play olfactophilia puppy sensation play sensory-deprivation SM smell snogging snuggling sucking suffocation teasing torture TT wax waxing whipping worship
dislikes / turn offs: beards cigars coprophilia diapers emetophilia ephebophilia formicophilia hebophilia moustaches mysophilia nepiophilia paedophilia scat vomit vorarephilia zoophelia zoosadism, sideburns which are just too much like mutton chops, very hairy guys (I'm not into gorillas- man invented razors for a reason,) baby play, (sorry-I don’t like kids, so I am not likely to find an adult who wants to be an infant sexually appealing,) people without integrity, those suffering from ego-centrism, and those who feel that they know what is best for me... I also have a pet peeve against people who's first language is English, yet who can not manage to communicate with any context or grammar. 
Politicae: race: for me, racism is a clear sign that someone is undereducated, under-informed, and too ignorant to see past their own shortcomings. we are born into the bodies we are born into, not by choice, but by chance. each of us have dreams, passions, and aspirations. not one of us is superior to the other; there is beauty in each soul-- and the colour of one's skin, the heritage and culture of the individual is part of who that person is, but doesnt diminish or increase their status in the world. I hate racism; if you have nazi or racial propaganda in your blog, don't bother following me (you'll likely get blocked.)
  gender & sexuality: nothing in this world is truly black and white; there are many shades of grey. i believe the same is true of gender, and do not begrudge anyone's right to identify themselves beyond the binary system. The same is true of sexuality; I don't believe that sexuality is binary. For me, personally, I am attracted to men, and have a particular fondness for androgyny, but there are a few women and persons of other gender spectrums that I have found myself attracted to as well-- life is too short for labels. Be who you are, love who you love.
  religion: i do not believe in a god, a supreme being, or some all-knowing deity who sits on high and judges or determines our fate. similarly, i do not believe in satan, allah, buddah, or any other god. i have read the bible, the qu'ran, the sruti texts, the tipitaka, the torah, the talmud, the afamas, the adi granth, among others; and my interpretation is that, while they have some fun fables, they are all folklore, fiction, and fantasy. i believe that people have a right to put their belief and faith into whatever they wish, so long as they do not attempt to push that faith onto others, and provided that faith does not harm to themselves or others.
  science: i believe in vaccines. i believe in global warming. i believe the earth is round, (or an oblate spheroid.) i believe birth control is more effective than abstinence. i believe in evolution. most importantly, i believe that no person should accept news or data from one source, and should examine all data and facts before drawing a conclusion, (and social media should never be a source for anything taken seriously.)
  lgb+t: there is a conservative movement called "drop the t", intended to divide the lgbt+ community by consolidating the gay and lesbian sexualities, and severing the ties to the transgender community. Those who support this mindset that transgendered people are not part of the lgbt+ community clearly do not understand how essential trans people have been throughout the history of lgb people in establishing rights, freedoms, and equality. The lgbt+ community is about uniting the marginalized and misunderstood. By uniting and standing as one against the hate, rhetoric and discrimination we have faced for generations. I was born a male, identify as a gay male, but will not abandon my trans brothers and sisters who fought, and continue to fight, for equal rights. We are all in this together.
Rules of Engagement:

I receive between 1 and 10 contacts from new people each day. I try to reply to everyone, but am tired of having to address the same issues over and over... When contacting me, please keep in mind the following key points:

  • I am not interested in, nor am I seeking casual sex or hookups from people I do not know. There are apps for that. I only bring people into my bedroom or playroom that I know, understand, and trust.
  • I will not sext, cyber, or roleplay with you online. I am not interested in being your online master or keyholder. I prefer my interactions to be in the flesh, with people I know and trust, and whom have trust in me.
  • I will not send nudes, pictures, videos, nor webcam with you, nor will I roleplay or sext via chat or text message with you, even if you ask nicely. Just because you send me a picture of your junk does not obligate me to do the same.
  • I am a top. No, I will not bottom for you, and no, this is not something I'm usually flexible on. I only bottom in rare cases where there is an emotional connection with someone I know inherently well, and trust implicitly.
  • Sure, you can send me messages with images, nudes, whatever-- but if you do not want them shared, please indicate that in your message so I know the images are for my eyes, and not for my blog.
  • If I find your message objectionable, or just outright tedious, It is likely I will not reply.
Contact Me: The platforms I use most often are below.
  email: click here
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